Roland TD-17KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit with Accessory Pack

The Roland TD-17KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit with Accessory Pack is a high-quality, intermediate-level electronic drum kit from Roland, providing everything you need for a complete setup into one affordable package. Included in this bundle is an electronic drum kit, a kick drum pedal and a bunch of accessories including a pair of headphones, drum stool and drumsticks. The TD-17KV features a newly designed and developed module and an expanded array of larger high quality mesh pads including a tunable 12'' snare pad. This model includes all the same features as the leading TD-17 model, apart from the free-floating hi-hat pads. The TD-17 module featured in this series offers an expanded variety of sounds and boasts Roland's Prismatic Sound Engine, accurately reproducing the character and tone of acoustic drums in the same way the TD-50 module does, with a lightning fast response time. The larger sized mesh pads offer unrivalled playability and feel, with the organic response time you expect from an acoustic kit. The TD-17KV is fitted with many features allow you to build on basic skills such as timekeeping, as well as other exercises that develop your sense of groove, tempo and timing, and even work on your stamina. The TD-17KV is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to enable you to stream audio directly from your device, while the SD card slot allows you to easily import samples to completely customise your kit.

Roland TD-17KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Dynamic Prismatic Sound Modeling for Professional Performances

The Roland TD-17KV is fitted with Roland's new TD-17 Module. This module includes a wide array of 50 high-quality preset kits that feature Roland's Prismatic Sound Modeling. This feature was first introduced in Roland's TD-50 series, their top of the range, flagship V-Drums kit. Prismatic Sound Modeling conveys every element of your performance in thrilling detail. The sounds accurately reproduce the character and tone you input in your playing style as if you were playing an acoustic kit, such as natural tonal changes that vary depending on where you hit the pad or the cymbal and how hard you're playing. Combined with the increased pad size and trigger accuracy, you're guaranteed an expressive and resonant playing experience with incredibly authentic drum sounds and a playing feel to match.

Dual Mesh PDX-12 Snare Pad

Roland has introduced a new feature to the TD-17KVX and TD-17KV intermediate-level V-Drum kits, the PDX-12 snare pad. This pad is larger than any available pad on any other intermediate-level V-Drum kit, and features high quality materials and a newly designed hoop rubber that provides an authentic feel much the same as hitting an acoustic drum. The pad is fitted with a dual ply mesh pad head. The head is tension adjustable combined with the dual ply head offers a natural rebound, resistance and stick-feel. Also fitted is a low-height hoop which is similar to triple flanged hoops featured on acoustic snares. Two independent sensors provide separate sounds to the head and rim, ensuring that the pad provides an authentic playing experience and makes the most of Roland's Prismatic Sound Modeling Engine.

Interactive Improvement Tools

All the kits from the TD-17 V-Drum range feature a wide variety of in-depth, easy to use training functions and interactive learning and improvement tools that encourage the development of both basic and demanding skills and make practice fun and productive. Players can work on the time keeping with several Coach Mode exercises, build on stamina with daily exercise routines with the Warm-Up menu and capture progress and identify weak points that need working on with the onboard recorder. The TD-17 also features the integration with Melodics for V-Drums, a Windows/Mac application that provides a large selection of free drum lessons to work on rhythm, timing and muscle memory.

Direct Bluetooth Connection

The TD-17KV features a rarely found feature in electronic drums, Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to directly stream music to your V-Drums kit, letting you play along to your favourite songs, as well as allowing you to rehearse along to songs you'll be playing live. The module features a handy holding slot for your smartphone. You can even record your performances and listen to back to them, allowing you to identify where you need to improve.

Newly Designed KD-10 Kick Pad

All of the three kits in the new TD-17 series feature the newly designed KD-10 kick pad. This features a rubber cover combined with a cushion that's dedicated to absorb far more of the noise than the KD-9 kick pad that was previously used in the intermediate-level V-Drum kits. The pad still provides the satisfying thud due to the depth of the pad allowing the beater to sink deep into the pad. The KD-10 accommodates single pedals and dual pedals, as well as being compatible with Roland's Noise Eater pedal to further provide a near silent playing experience.

Drum Throne Stool

With high-quality features such as double bracing, chrome finish hardware, a comfortable padded seat and full height adjustment, the Drum Throne Stool guarantees you fantastic value for money as well as a comfortable drumming experience.

HP-170 Headphones & 5A Drumsticks

The HP-170 Stereo Headphones can be used for a wide variety of audio applications, including instrument play, studio and live work or as general purpose headphones. These headphones have an adjustable headband and come with a mini jack connection and a 1/4'' jack adapter to allow connection to a wide variety of equipment. 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks are perfect for beginners or advancing drummers. These 5A wood tipped sticks are ideal for a range of styles due to their medium weight.


Roland TD-17KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

  • Flagship features taken from TD-50 allow for unleashed creativity
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy audio streaming and practice
  • Choose from 50 high quality pre-set kits developed with Roland's Prismatic Sound Engine
  • Import and layer your own samples using the SD card slot to create a completely unique sound
  • Adjust preset ambience levels for each kit to match the venues you perform in
  • Deep editing functions offers sample layering with an easy to use interface
  • Tunable 12'' snare pad allows you to develop stick control & playing techniques
  • Newly designed KD-10 kick pad provides expressive & authentic feel
  • Warm-up menu provides a basic daily exercise routine to help train stamina
  • Watch video lessons on your smartphone and play along using Bluetooth and the handy phone tray on the module
  • Develop and further your skills with the free to download Melodics for V-Drums software

Heavy Duty Kick Drum Pedal

  • Non marring easy access clamp
  • Quad sided beater
  • Includes drum key and allen key

HP-170 Stereo Headphones

  • Complete with 1/4'' Jack adapter
  • Ideal for studio and live use alike
  • Wide frequency range for extended audio performance
  • 40mm diameter speaker
  • 2.5m cable length


Roland TD-17KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

  • Kit Configuration:
    • Sound Module: TD-17
    • Snare Pad: PDX-12
    • Tom Pad: PDX-8 x 3
    • Bass Drum Pad: KD-10
    • Hi-Hat Pedal: FD-9
    • Hi-Hat: CY-5
    • Crash: CY-8
    • Ride: CY-8
    • Rack: MDS-Compact
    • Throne: Drum Throne Stool 
    • Bass Drum Pedal: Heavy Duty Kick Drum Pedal
    • Headphones: HP-170 Stereo Headphones
    • Drumsticks: 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks
  • Extra Trigger Input Jack: x 2 (Crash 2, AUX)
  • Accessories:
    • Sound module mount
    • AC adaptor
    • Special connection cable
    • Drum key
    • Knob bolt (for PDX-12)
    • Owners manual
    • Setup guide

Roland TD-17KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit with Accessory Pack

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